Who We Are?

Welcome to Addoy’s

As long as we are distinguished by our experience in providing everything that is unique in the world of sweets with skill and professionalism, you will definitely find here a distinguished assortment with different designs and shapes of sugar pieces that satisfy your tastes.

Our journey in this field began in 2008 with the hands of a Kuwaiti national. We strived to develop the concept of sugar industry from the traditional method to another with different shapes, colors and distinctive flavors.
Today, we are proud of our ability to meet and provide a range of sugar shapes and colors that give a distinctive touch to your occasions, in addition to the multiple flavors and favorites of your guests.
Let us share your special moments with you.

Quality standards:

In order to provide the highest standards of quality through the entire manufacturing process, we carefully study all manufacturing steps from its inception to its various stages from design, production, packaging to presenting to you. We also always pledge our commitment to ensuring our quality for each of our suppliers, distributors and customers.

Manufacturing steps:

Our journey to manufacture sugar begins by drawing and designing the shape of the piece, which is carefully handcrafted to match the shape and taste, in which our experience represented by our products is combined and delivered to our customers so that they can enjoy sharing it with their loved ones.

Our customers’ opinions:

We appreciate our customers for making us share their occasions, so we consider them an important part of our world.
Our customers share with us their opinion about our products and we enjoy listening to them and we welcome their ideas to develop our products as they are an integral part of our success.